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  • Social Media Addiction

    Significant Signs of Social Media Addiction

    Since the internet has become such an essential tool in our lifestyle, it is challenging to understand when the usage becomes problematic. Some signs include secluding living, sleep deprivation, spending less time being social and thinking about being on the internet.

    Treatment for Social Media Addiction in India

    Individuals are getting addicted to the internet all over the globe. Through various electronic devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets everyone is glued to the World Wide Web and it has become a part of our work, school, and home.

    The opportunities that the internet provides are galore. It includes communication, learning, gaming, entertainment and business opportunities. Though are some negative aspects of being always on the internet as well. Millions of individuals all over the world are affected by the negative impact of the internet and the requirement for a social media addiction treatment has actively increased.

    Social Media Addiction is a Progressive Addiction

    The normal usage of using the internet slowly and progressively turns into a compulsive addiction towards it. For example – a group of individuals who are sitting together but none of them are conversing instead all of them are glued to using the internet on their smartphones or tablets. The social media websites and internet gaming plays a major role in social media addiction.

    Similar to other behavioral or process addiction, an internet user’s reward center of the brain gets excited with the thought of accessing the internet. When an individual gets so attached to the internet world and away from the realities of life around then this is considered internet addiction.

    Effects of Social Media Addiction

    Social media addiction causes many negative effects in an individual’s life, including the following:

    • Reduced productivity – frequently browsing the internet, email, social media or games decreases work or school time causing productivity to suffer.
    • Decrease in social life – individually addicted to the internet spend lesser time being outdoors and do not interact with friends or family.
    • Time alteration –an individual is so lost in the world of browsing that they do not have any track of the time elapsed.
    • Escapism – another major reason is that users get deeply involved with online communities while trying to escape the reality of life. Moreover their problems are left untreated and they get more involved into the internet world.
    • Depression – Undecided whether depression causes social media addiction or social media addiction cause depression but both scenarios are equally probable.
    • Social anxiety – Being in the online world all the time makes it challenging to face with real time circumstances and can cause anxiety attacks.
    • Back or wrist pain – both can occur with long durations of computer use.

    Selecting a Treatment for Internet & Gaming Addictions

    Both inpatient and outpatient can be treated successfully in case of social media addiction. Though depending on each individual’s assessment and severity towards the addiction a suitable type of treatment will be recommended.

    In an outpatient treatment an individual requires to come for counselling visits a few days in a week and still maintain their routine. While in a residential treatment an individual will be living at the facility and will have a scheduled process and 24/7 care.

    Advantages of Residential Social Media Addiction Treatment

    Since the internet technology has become a part of one’s regular lifestyle, it is difficult to disassociate with it. Being at the residential treatment program keep an individual away from the urges of internet usage and help them focus on their recovery.

    Other advantages to residential rehab include:

    1. Personal and group counselling sessions.
      Being away from the places and people that encourage internet usage is not only helpful, but a compulsion for many. To improvise on the habit without changing the environment around is not feasible for many individuals who gain from being in a secluded location while undergoing an social media addiction treatment.
    2. Complete confidentiality.
      Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed and no information is disclosed unless prior permission is reserved.
    3. 24/7 care
      All through the day and night there are counsellors and support staff available to assist the clients through cravings or any other requirement that may arise during the treatment period.
    4. Less stress
      Everything from meals to laundry service is provided at the treatment facility. And each day has a scheduled activities for each client, helping them to concentrate solely on their well-being and recovery.

    Selecting the Arya Hospital Neuropsychiatry & Trauma Centre

    The Arya Hospital Neuropsychiatry & Trauma Centre has one of the finest residential rehab programs in the country. It avowals of a private accommodation in a splendid, serene setting amidst nature. Their professional trained counsellors have years of mutual experience in treating addiction and many of them are currently in recovery themselves, implying they are able to pull from personal experience during counselling sessions as well.

    Their well trained counsellors in methods of Recovery Zones treatment which are three collective treatments of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), 12 Steps methodology and mindfulness therapy. A combination of these treatments have guaranteed effectiveness at the Arya Hospital Neuropsychiatry & Trauma Centre. In addition art therapy, drama therapy, physical fitness and many more are added to benefit the client. Guaranteeing that every client will encompass the skills required for a lasting recovery from heroin addiction.

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