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    Mental Health Clinic

    Besides treatment facilities for substance use disorder, Screening, Comprehensive Evaluation, and Diagnosis of all types of psychiatric, emotional and behavioral disorders, e.g., Anxiety; Depression; Stress-Related Disorders; Suicidal tendencies ; Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder; Schizophrenia; Personality Disorder; Intellectual Disability; Eating Disorder; Child & Adolescent behavioral problems; Career Counseling; Marriage & Relationship problems; Confidence & Low self-esteem issues; Sex & Sexuality is also offered by the team of qualified Mental Health Professionals which includes Psychiatrists and Psychologists.
    Treatment for above mentioned disorders is available at Out Door basis; Residential Care and Day Care as well. Treatment procedure involves a comprehensive approach which combines Pharmacotherapy and Psychotherapy. Pharmacotherapy is done by Dr. Arjun Arya exclusively, whereas Individual as well as Family Psychotherapy and Couple & Group Therapies are conducted by the team of Psychologists under the expert guidance and supervision of Dr. Arjun Arya.
    Since Psychiatry illnesses among geriatric population are increasing day by day, the hospital team is well experienced in the assessment of various geriatric psychiatric disorders like forgetfulness, poor orientation, concentration difficulties, depression, health anxiety etc. with the help of standardized measures of Neuro-Cognitive Assessment (PGIBBD); Depression Rating Scales and many more. Their management and therapies are also based on both conventional as well as modern psychotherapy and pharmaco-therapeutic models.

    Clinical Psychology Unit

    Another wing of Arya Hospital Neuropsychiatry & Trauma Centre, is working efficiently in the field of clinical psychology. A good team of qualified Psychologists, Dr. Amit Kr. Dwivedi (Ph.D. Psychology), Ms. Harleen Rehill (M. Phil Psychology) is working dedicatedly and sincerely to assist Dr. Arjun Arya in the management of Indoor patients and OPD Patients as well. This wing has gained expertise in screening, detailed assessment, and comprehensive evaluation of all types of psychiatric disorders. Not only this, but counseling services and psychotherapy sessions conducted for the patients and their care-givers.
    This section of the hospital also active in Psycho-metric Evaluation, with the help of internationally standardized measure, for Intellectual Measurement, Personality Assessment, Memory Assessment, Rorschach Testing, Autism, Learning Disability, Stress and Related Disorders, ADHD Screening and many more.
    Therapeutically, this unit has been competitively providing various psychotherapies, like JPMR, Brief relaxation therapy, Music and Art Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Couple Therapy, Family Therapy, Relapse Prevention & Motivation Enhancement Therapy (for addiction patients), Exposure-Response Prevention Therapy (for OCD) and many more therapies for childhood population and geriatrics.

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