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  • Pornography Addiction

    A state of mind when the urge to virtually participate or engage in sexual activity can be categorized as a progressive disorder or pornography addiction. Similar to drug and alcohol addiction, sex addiction is caused by a malfunction in the brain’s reward circuitry.
    Just like every individual is different, the addiction differs from each person. Though it is difficult to be identified it can create harmful behavioral consequences. These harmful consequences see the effect on work, family and personal identity. Sometimes triggering feelings of guilt and shame, which can lead to despair and separation from others.
    Pornography addiction is a progressive disorder and can get worse if disregarded. It is vital to seek help to avoid grave consequences.

    Pornography Addiction Treatment in Arya Hospital Neuropsychiatry & Trauma Centre

    At a point in time, where the world is so fixated on sex, it is challenging to understand when the line into addiction is crossed. In fact, it is an existent behavioral disorder affecting several people and making it essentially difficult for them to endure a healthy lifestyle or significant relationships.
    The good news – with excellent treatment an individual can be freed from addiction and lead a healthy sex life and have satisfying relationships.

    Concerns of Pornography Addiction

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