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    At Arya Hospital Neuropsychiatry & Trauma Centre, we recognize that families can serve as a stable platform to support substance using individuals to rebuild their lives.


    As an evidence-based practice, we believe family involvement in the treatment of addictive disease is essential. We recognize that families care for their loved ones, are often hurt by the destructive effects of addiction, and can aid or impair recovery. Consequently, we involve the family very early and throughout the treatment program at Arya Hospital Neuropsychiatry & Trauma Centre.

    Family Counseling

    We encourage family members to participate in regular weekly counseling sessions in order to initiate the necessary healing within the family relationships, address co-dependency and enabling behaviors, and facilitate setting of boundaries and limits. We adopt a system based approach to rebuild appropriate roles and relationships within the family unit. In addition, we work with both the guests and their families to identify issues that will need to be addressed after discharge of guest.

    Family Involvement

    Family members are asked to participate during the assessment process are informed about the clinical progress of the guest and are involved in the development of aftercare plans. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with the family members and encourage feedback on the progress of the guest. This collaborative approach that values and respects family input is an integral part of our philosophy.

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