Department of Addiction Medicine

Dr. Arjun Arya, Director & Consultant Psychiatrist, with his team of qualified Psychologists, Social-Workers and supporting staff has been providing De-addiction treatment for all types of psycho-active substances e.g., Alcohol; Nicotine; Opium & its derivatives; Cannabis & its derivatives; Cocaine; Other inhalants & solvents.
Treatment is available on Indoor; Outdoor as well as Day-Care base, where Screening, Assessment & Diagnosis is followed by Detoxification (day care & residential facility) along with Withdrawal Management. Preceded by this Relapse Prevention & Motivation Enhancement Therapy through one to one counseling sessions; Psycho Therapy & Follow-up programmes are conducted by team of Psychologists.
Department is also associated with various educational institutes to spread the awareness & motivation among youth to prevent the society from addiction problem and helping them to avail the best possible treatment for people in society.
This department, establishment in 2009 with the approval of U.T. Administration under the Mental Health Act, which has been recently supported and approved by U.T. Administration by granting the license under Clinical Establishment Act and NDPS Act.