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  • Cocaine Addiction

    The Arya Hospital Neuropsychiatry & Trauma Centre practices an exclusive combination of treatment methods that has resulted to be very effective in treating cocaine addiction.

    Efficient and Economical Treatment for Cocaine Addiction at the Arya Hospital Neuropsychiatry & Trauma Centre

    The prime treatment method, Recovery Zones, combines cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), revised 12 Steps Methodology and concentrated therapy for a comprehensive program that works. This program has additional therapies like art therapy, physical fitness, yoga and more to ensure that we cure the entire body and mind – the primo method to attain a long-term recovery from cocaine addiction.

    We also encourage family members to be a part of the free, three-day addiction treatment program. It not only helps family members to have a better idea of the disease of addiction but also gives an insight to work with their addicted loved one. Which will in turn help to create a supportive network to help decrease the chance of relapse in the future. It has been scientifically proven that family involvement in addiction recovery meaningfully increases the chances of success.

    What is Cocaine Addiction?

    Alike most other addictive drugs, usage of cocaine targets and overstimulates the brain’s system which gives an enjoyable feeling for a short period of time. Moreover with time, cocaine changes the way the brain functions, and teaches the user for a continual repetition to experience those same feelings of ecstasy. The swiftness of this occurrence depends on each individual’s cocaine usage and the way their brain reacts to the drug. It also depends on how the drug is consumed, as some individuals who smoke crack cocaine will normally get addicted to the drug much faster.

    Health Effects of Cocaine Addiction

    Individuals suffering from cocaine addiction usually experience many negative psychological and physical effects. Severe paranoia is most common, wherein cocaine abusers aren’t aware of the reality around them and hear noises that are non-existent.

    Severe health issues caused by those suffering from cocaine addiction are as follows:

    • Heart problems, including heart attacks
    • Respiratory effects, including respiratory failure
    • Nervous system problems, including strokes
    • Injecting cocaine cause additional damage, especially if sharing needles, including contracting Hepatitis or HIV and infection of the injected part on the body.
    • Even first time or recreational users can be at risk of having heart attacks or strokes. The combinational use of cocaine with alcohol can increase these threatening effects.

    Key Benefits of Inpatient Treatment For Cocaine Dependency

    • Secluded location
      Being away from the places and people that encourage cocaine is not only helpful, but a necessity for many. To discontinue the usage of cocaine without changing the environment around is not feasible for many individuals who gain from being in a secluded location while undergoing a cocaine dependency treatment.
    • 24/7 care
      Whether it is the urge for severe drug cravings or overabundance of emotions brought up by an addiction treatment, there is always a counsellor or support worker at the residential rehab.
    • Weekly schedules
      Inpatient addiction treatment centres keep their clients busy with scheduled therapy sessions and activities that positively affect addiction recovery. One-on-one and group counselling sessions will be scheduled daily – both an integral part of treatment.
    •  Confidential treatment
      One of the biggest benefits to residential rehab is the freedom to focus all attention on recovery. Gone are the everyday stressors of work, family and social commitments. At least for this short time, clients are able to focus on nothing but getting better.

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