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  • Amphetamine Addiction

    Amphetamines are an intoxicating drug which is most commonly used in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and sleep conditions such as narcolepsy. It has also been used for weight-loss but is currently banned in many countries due to its negative effects and addictive properties (although it is easily accessible online for buying).

    The treatment for Amphetamine is totally available at The Arya Hospital Neuropsychiatry & Trauma Centre, India.

    Amphetamine Use & Addiction

    A continuous use of amphetamine over a period of days can lead to physical and physiological dependence and the symptoms of withdrawal may soon transpire after the last dose of the drug has worn off. The drug is supposed to be taken in the form of a tablet or capsule, but those that abuse the drug often crush the tablet or empty the powder from the capsule and snort it. This in turn, allows the drug to effect faster. An amalgamation of withdrawal symptoms, fatigue and drug cravings cause the user to continue pursuing the drug and eventually develops an addiction towards it.

    Effects of Amphetamine Usage

    Some serious health effects that are common with amphetamine use are as follows:

    • Irregular heartbeat
    • High blood pressure
    • Severe headaches and/or blurred vision
    • Restlessness or tremors
    • Anxiety/nervousness
    • Insomnia Impotence or changes in sex drive

    Consuming more than the prescribed dosage of amphetamine can result in the following effects which are common considering to amphetamine addiction.

    • Restlessness
    • Tremor
    • Rapid breathing
    • Confusion
    • Hallucinations
    • Panic
    • Aggressiveness
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • Irregular hearbeat
    • Seizures


    Why Choose Inpatient Addiction Therapy?

    1. No triggers

    Several people start amphetamine as a medication and later get addicted to it. It is usually used to stay awake or have higher amounts of energy for long durations of time – often to get through work or school. Going to an inpatient addiction treatment center permits clients to be away from these circumstances that trigger amphetamine use which decreases cravings and allows them to concentrate entirely on their recovery.

    2. Reduced levels of stress

    Other than being healthy once again, residential rehab leaves very little for clients to stress about. All-inclusive of meals, maid service and more, inpatient treatment is like a small haven that allows clients to focus exclusively on recovery.

    3. 24-hour care.

    An overabundance of emotions can be caused due to the counselling therapy and mild withdrawal symptoms may last for a couple of weeks. No matter what a client goes through, a round-the-clock care will always be provided to them.

    4. Group and one-on-one counselling therapy

    Learning and getting to know about each other at the center and listening to their stories is a wonderful way to understand more about the disease of addiction. Both group and one-on-one therapy sessions are an essential part of the addiction treatment.

    5. Confidentiality

    All the procedures of the treatments are downright confidential. Other than the people chosen to be told, there will be no disclosure to anyone else.

    6. Daily and weekly schedule

    There is more to comprehensive and effective drug treatments than only counselling. The incorporation of art therapy, physical fitness, yoga and other activities that are scheduled into daily and weekly routines help in the process of healing both body and mind in a way that sets clients for long-term recovery.


    Costing of Inpatient Addiction Recovery

    Even though it is more expensive than an outpatient addiction treatment, it is very crucial to remember that the cost should not be the deciding factor in making a decision about which rehab is best suitable. It is important to consider both the efficiency of the program and the qualifications of the counsellors. That being said, The Arya Hospital Neuropsychiatry & Trauma Centre is honored to offer its first class treatment at just the fraction of the cost of similar or lesser rehab facilities compared to Western countries.

    Is Addiction Treatment Covered by Insurance?

    This depends on your own personal insurance policy. For further information, please contact one of our administration staff members.

    Process after the Amphetamine Addiction Treatment

    Every client of The Arya Hospital Neuropsychiatry & Trauma Centre leaves with the tools they need to an entire life of recovery, including a personalized relapse prevention plan. We also encourage clients to take advantage of their lifelong membership to the aftercare program.

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