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    At Arya Hospital Neuropsychiatry & Trauma Centre, our dedicated and compassionate addiction professionals want to help you get the best treatment possible. However, we also understand that the substantial cost for drug and alcohol addiction rehab can be a barrier to treatment.

    How to Start The Treatment Admissions Process

    If you are ready to take the first step on the road to addiction recovery, call the  Admission Department at Arya Hospital Neuropsychiatry & Trauma Centre at +91 70871 51019. Our courteous and professional Admission Coordinators will answer your questions, discuss your insurance coverage and payment options, and even set up transportation to get you their. If you’d like to tour the facility before you decide on admission, that too can be arranged.

    The Cost of Drug and Alcohol Treatment

    Arya Hospital Neuropsychiatry & Trauma Centre only bills for services rendered and the total cost of treatment depends on a variety of factors. These include the level of treatment, the length of stay, and if additional services are needed. Included in the per day rate are the following:

    • Psychiatric support
    • Psychosocial and medical evaluation
    • Group therapy
    • Individual therapy
    • Holistic activities
    • Treatment materials
    • Discharge and aftercare setup

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